Saturday, 5 January 2008


Below are extracts from two of my spec television pilots. Download them, read them, shower me with praise. You'll need Adobe Reader, which you can download here.

Nightshift - Download Extract

Synopsis: Pilot for an episodic science-fiction drama set in near-future Brighton. 45 minute drama. In a dystopian British future, people must wake in shifts due to the population explosion, courtesy of an implant that regulates their sleeping patterns. This creates halcyon nights for criminals who take the fabled “shift zero” where they never see daylight.

Seven Spires - Download Extract

Synopsis: Seven Spires is a six part drama series with supernatural elements. By turns dark and witty, the series is seen through the eyes of father and daughter Jonas and Becka Kurzefield, who move to the Cornish town of Seven Spires following Jonas’ divorce.

The pilot tells of their attempts to settle into their new lives, and into the hermetically sealed community. Things end badly for both of them as Jonas uncovers an unsettling pattern to the town’s history, and Becka confronts the horrors that haunt the surrounding woods.

The events of the pilot reverberate through the series, driving a wedge between father and daughter that can only be withdrawn by their joint fight against the twin conspiracies that Seven Spires is built upon.

Praise for Seven Spires

“... a gripping contemporary horror story in the tradition of genre fiction like Primeval, Torchwood or Buffy ... the economical opening scenes balance horror and wit in a way that is genuinely representative of the rest of the script. The isolated community of Seven Spires is convincingly evoked while the sharp dialogue roots the characters firmly in the 21st century.

The key characters of Becka and her father Jonas are complex and believable ... both have that appealing combination of moral strength and psychological flaws that keeps an audience engaged. The writing shows an impressive use of pace to create genuine suspense.”

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