Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Things continue to go suspiciously well...


Excuse me, that wasn't at all dignified.

All right, just once more.


I've got through to the finals of the Red Planet Competition 2008. If that wasn't exciting enough, the e-mail alerting me to this did so with


which I appreciated greatly.

That's How I Roll, the little script that happened by accident, is really doing me all right at the minute.


Anyone else celebrating?

Monday, 17 November 2008


Well, that was phone call #2 in big lovely secret thing, which was interspersed with e-mail #1 and voicemails #1 and #2. Mostly all today. Phew. Everything still all pointing in the right direction, and I'm lining myself up for a very busy day on the 2nd of December. When I get to the pub, I'm either going to be unbearably chipper or depressingly dour, depending on how my two (count em) meetings go that day. Either way, I apologise in advance to those attending.

So, that's good.

Bad: My little brother want to find work in magic telly land. His dream lies in producing. Yes, I'm planning my future nepotism surfing already. And, no, none of this is the bad.

Said little brother (he's 22, and actually bigger than me, so I should probably start referring to him as my 'taller brother') is living at my parents house at the minute, working a bar job till he has enough money to support the big move to London, where he plans to work as an unpaid runner, working his way up.

Which was all going well until someone stole £800 from him and spent it on porn.

Bastards. Seriously, shitheaded fucknutted bastards. Online crime? That doesn't even have the balls to be proper crime. If you want my money, have the decency to dress in a hoody and threaten me with a stanley knife. Setting up a fake pay pal account? That's just rubbish. Not even your crack-mom will love you for that.

And on a practical note, how much porn does one man need? £800 worth? In a week? How do you find time to eat?

Anyway, Paypal and the bank people are all being lovely and hopefully taller brother will get his money back soonish.

But still. B-A-S-T-A-R-D-S.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

I done used my talkin' words...

Well, that was an exciting phone call. I shan't say too much else, as I am both a tremendous tease and because there's always that chance that these things go nowhere, then much like when my girlfriend lets me cook breakfast at the weekends, there will be egg on my face.

So, yes... exciting. However, it did underline that I really shouldn't be allowed to talk to people in real life. I'm much happier behind the shield of an e-mail, blog, or whatever. And yes, even though I begin this sentence with a conjunction, this is about as eloquent as I get. In real life I would have just mispronounced 'eloquent'. And 'mispronounced'.

So let's hope my giggling school-girl phone persona didn't sink the whole thing. Heee hee.

Heeeee heee hee.

Oh, and at Boz's request, Halloween reviews: Wrong Turn 2 is stupid teens-vs-cannibals gorer that's made at least 900% better by the appearance of Henry Rollins as an ex-marine. Proper good. The Orphanage is slightly overrated spookiness with actually quite a happy ending if you can get past what's literally happening. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is depressing, witty and very good. Plus it has young Austin Powers from Goldmember in it, which has to be worth the price of the rental alone. Hurrah for Halloween.