Friday, 18 December 2009

A year in film - I await more trolls...

This year, I've managed to see a paltry 23 (I think) of the films that got a cinema release. Less than two a month. Rubbish really. So, coming up with a top ten list is a little but redundant, as I haven't really seen enough to be making that sort of sweeping judgement, and there's a bunch of other films I wanted to see and didn't that I'm sure and veryvery good.

Instead, in what can only be described as utterly redundant, is a list of every film I've seen, lumped into whether I loved them, liked them, thought they were 'meh' or frothed at the mouth with how bad they were. The one time I tried voicing such an opinion on this blog before, I attracted trolls*. Bless em. Under their bridge, with only their virginity to keep them company. I may well attract more. As ever, canap├ęs and goats' blood in the corner.

Heady Love Affairs

500 Days of Summer
I Love You Man
Inglourious Basterds
Star Trek
Wrestler, The

Just Good Friends

Anvil! The Story Of Anvil
Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The
Drag Me To Hell
Final Destination, The
Jennifer's Body
Monsters Vs. Aliens
Where The Wild Things Are


Let the Right One In

Dire Enemies

District 9
Friday The 13th
Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist
Terminator: Salvation

Honourable mentions to two 2008 films I only just caught: Slumdog (pretty good) and Frost/Nixon (brilliant). If others of these are actually from 2008, and I believe them to be from 2009 because of Cornwall's bleeding edge cinemas... it doesn't reallt matter.

And not even a line, a one word review to justify my opinions. I know. A shabby way to spend a 199th Blog Post.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Brighton is burning...

Not really. The same fuckheads that burnt down the West Pier haven't started rampaging through the town in the style of fire-fond Vikings, putting all and sundry to the torch and leaving the North Laine nought but a smouldering, glittery wreck.

Hoh, no.

But... it seems to apparently be a 'musical monday' on one social networking gizmo or another. But I thought I'd kick it old school* and post video links on my blog, or if you will weblog. I know. So 2007. For your consideration, I present two bands that I very much like, both of whom are from Brighton, and both of whom are covering the same song by Bruce Springsteen, in styles most different**.

Sadly departed purveyors of delightfully bittersweet indie-prog, Electrelane:

Theatrical fairy-queen Bat For Lashes:

There. Wasn't that nicer than just being 'tweeted' a link? No? Hmmm... better go and repost these on Twitter as well then. It's a wonder I have any time for writing.

* I have literally no idea why I said that.

** There are lots of other lovely versions of this song too, including one by Tori Amos and another by Johnny Cash, but that wouldn't somewhat ruin my theme, now wouldn't it? Also, yes, I know, Natasha Khan isn't really from Brighton, but nobody is, really. Run along.