Sunday, 20 June 2010

Real Life Fail...

The best line in That's How I Roll, both the original hard-hitting adult version and the new amazing commercial kids' version (I just took out the eff words) is "She's like Jackie Chan".

It's, and I don't like to talk myself up too much, because, well, rude, but it's a very funny line. It's pretty much everyone's favourite line. It's also a bit wincey. In what's a fairly sweet script, it's the one real close to the bone moment.

Patron of the blog Pete K. Troll recently and bravely used it, in real life, in context.

Apparently it didn't go down amazingly well.

Stupid real life.

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Peter. K. Troll said...

Peter felt very proud of himself at the time. None of the other Laser tag Trolls and Gremlins really understood.
They don't watch Fung Ku.