Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tati's Hotel

UPDATE: Oh, look at that, shooting dates. Lovely.

Well, hello there, Blog Boys and Blog Girls. Did you miss me? It’s been a while, but I swear it’s been more painful for me. You can just ignore the site. It’s set up as my bloody homepage, I have to see it sitting there, festering, every time I want to read Penny Arcade.

But now for a big blogworthy announcement. I’m writing for a kids’ TV show. It’s called Tati’s Hotel, it’s being produced by Machine Productions of Bristol/Cardiff, and it should hopefully be on your telly screens next year (I think. I’m sure someone will correct me). It’s for four to seven year olds, so if you have kids of that age, get them watching. And if you don’t, watch it anyway.

I know. An actual telly programme. That you’ll be able to watch. You can all judge me on a mass scale. Be kind, I have low self esteem*.

The show’s about a little girl, who finds the doorway to a magical hotel in her bedroom, and which she thereafter runs as a manager, child labour laws not applying in fantasy magical hotels. Though they do apply in television, which means being very careful not to write too many scenes with the kids in, so that they can get on with their schoolin’.

Every week, a new guest turns up, causes havoc, and it’s up to Tati and her motley crew of staff to sort them out. Everyone learns a lesson, but there’s loads of gags along the way. Also, there are puppets. It’s tremendous fun to write. I’ve written three episodes of the first run of the series.

There have been two writers’ days along the way where we bashed out the tone and came up with story ideas &c. Both of these were in a hotel owned/sponsored by(?) John Malcovich (I loved him in that one movie where he played a diamond thief). If you’ve never peed while staring up at a picture of Malcovich brooding down at you, well, you’ve never been to this particular hotel. The hotel’s lovely though. But the picture in the toilet’s a bit weird**. To compound the brilliant strangeness of this day, one of the guys running the day played Ludo in Labyrinth. Great day.

So, yeah. Telly programme. Very happy. 

Other awesome news includes my brother starting work at Digital Spy, and getting to interview all sorts of top telly types, including Alexander Armstrong and his personal hero, Doctor Who. Well, Matt Smith, but close enough. He got to play on the Tardis. And got told off for flirting with Karen Gillian. He’s happy as Lawrence. Read his super thoughts here:

* This is a lie. I have appalling high self esteem.

** In the Driftwood Arms in St. Agnes, the men’s toilet is wallpapered with old 2000 AD comics. I spent ages in there once catching up on Heavy Metal Warriors.


rob said...

Isn't that Hotel Babylon? Congrats, it sounds great and I look forward to judging, I mean watching, it.

I know that Cardiff hotel well and believe I can recall the very Malkovich picture you mean.

Exciting times!

Oli said...

Cheers! My favourite bit of Hotel Babylon was always the magic portal.

Boz said...

Congrats! That's all kinds of amazing.

With a nephew in that age bracket, I shall undoubtedly have the programme 'splained to me in minute detail when it airs.

Oli said...

Thanks, Boz! Shoot dates have been announced today, so I'm double excited now. Your nephew will be chattering away about it sooner than I'd hoped!

james henry said...


Oli said...

I know, right? Puppets are the shizzle. Have seen a mock up of the talking telephone already, it's very cool, and sketches for the others...